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It’s like Christmas over here (that is, if all you wanted was Orps)! We just received  a fresh new chicken house full of Orps! What I mean is there are tons of them like when you’re in a house for chickens. Not a gross factory farm where they’re all crammed in there,  but like a good  poultry program at an agricultural college that teaches organic, sustainable farming.



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Roasted Orp For The Holidays?

We’ve received many comments  regarding our genetically  engineered  Turkey skinned Orp.  We can’t  publish most of them, but rest assured, this is  turkey skin, not any other animal’s skin.

Also I wanted all of you to see the  GIF ad we put up on Bike Portland. It’s an Orp cooking right before your eyes. You can almost hear that fat in the skin whistling in the heat. Here it is:


I Can Smell The Fresh Poly Carbonate From Hear, I Mean, Here!

ORPDATE:   If you’ve checked the Storp and can’t find the Orp color you want, rest assured the next graduating class of Orps are now on the last leg of their journey and should  be hear, I mean, here within days. Please leave your email address in the box on the front page to be notified of their arrival.


I know many of you are struggling with the concept that Orp is a great companion to take Trick or Treating for safety, but feel something is missing if your Orp is not participating in the evening’s celebration by wearing a costume. The dilemma is who has time to make a small, detailed little outfit for your Orp? Sure, scalping a Barbie can make for a micro sized comb-over to turn your Orp into a mini Donald Trump, but who wants to be around that guy while gathering delicious candy? And why wreck a Barbie?
Well, now your troubles are over. Hear, I mean, here at Orp Industries we’ve solved this problem and its as easy as:
1. Blowing up the image below to the correct size. See dimension on SKELETORP. Orp Face is  35mm from top of lens support to bottom of lens support
2.Then copying it on a piece of self adhesive clear acetate
3. And finally, cutting it out and placing on your Orp’s face, err, lens
Soon enough you’ll be scaring the neighbors with your creepy costumed Orp.

Yes, your friends or familiar strangers will be able to tell a lot about you depending on which Monster Face you choose for your Orp, but don’t worry it’s Halloween, and Creepy is good!
Send pictures of your Halloweened out Orps to info@orpland.com and we’ll post them at orpland.com. Also, If any of you dresses up as an Orp, send me that picture and Ill send you a free Remorp!
Note: Lumen and sound output may drop with these costumes, so don’t ride with these on!


UPDATE:If you are having trouble with the acetate you can always use printer paper and just cut out the eyes in the mask. Be careful with  any adhesive you use. Orp cannot be responsible if you wreck the lens – so don’t wreck it! See image below.



Greenlabel.com Selects Orp for Its Top 10

Not sure how we missed this as this site is a Mountain Dew Venture and our team loves Mountain Dew (who doesn’t). Even one of our team was hospitalized after over Dewing it. Not  really from the Dew, but just the confidence and energy you derive from the Dew. It makes you think you can do anything,  like  bunny hop  onto  the hood of a new Chevy Colorado.  I know, bad idea … why would you want to wreck a nice new truck’s hood? He’s OK, it was just a bad sprain.  Anyway, Orp made the number one spot of this  10 OF THE BEST HIGH TECH BIKE ACCESSORIES for this site. Heres the post (yeah it was early ’15, but I said that at the beginning).

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.14.38 AM

Here’s a Chevy Colorado ZR2. Yeah, you’ll need an Orp when around this guy.



Living Healthy Gives Orp a Thumbs Orp, I Mean, Up!

In her article “How To Safely Cycle in Style”, author Jeanie Lerche Davis recommends Orp to her  Living Healthy audience.   If this article goes big we will reconsider putting an ad on the Lifetime Channel,. Seriously, thanks Jeanie and Living Healthy!

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.40.00 AM



Orp Attends Sunday Parkways – More Orps Delivered!

It was a crisp but sunny Fall day in Portland, Oregon for one of the beloved Sunday Parkways events.  These rides are a pleasure for residents where the city shuts downa 5-8 mile loop of neighborhood streets and opens them only for  bikes and pedestrians. This year’s SE  loop included the new Tillicum Bridge which is exclusive to only Portland’s Orange line, cyclists and pedestrians. Orp was one of the  carnies, I mean, vendors along with a Ferret booth and a Breast Milk Trading site – I think…. In any case, it was  super fun to see old Orp friends and  introduce Orp to some new ones.

Here are some pics:

092815-Canondale-tandemFerret-at-SUnday-ParkwayLadyat-SUnday-Parkway ltr

Orpland Opens New STORP!

Its a big day hear, I mean, here at Orpland. Dan Sweet, our Web guru, cut the ribbon on our brand new Storp.

Rumors that the downtown Portland Apple Storp is jealous are surely over blown. Who would compare a website to a brick and mortar?

For some of you, change may be difficult, but  we say embrace it. It’s all for the better. Better continuity, more engaging product descriptions and fewer steps mean faster checkouts for you.

Hit that big Orange Storp button and here’s what you can expect to see:

091115 new Storp1091115 wail Blue Orp storp

Let us know what you think at info@orpland.com.


Alexander Hwang Takes Orp For A Ride

So there’s this You Tube blogger up in Toronto. Canada that covers all sorts of tech and he’s also a cyclist.

He contacts us and wants to review Orp. We say, “no problem and send him an Orp and REMORP. This morning we get an email

from Alex and he says his review is done.  It’s really great and production value is awesome. I would encourage everyone  to subscribe to  Alex’s

channel. Here’s the link and here are some scream, I mean, screen shots.  I was making a little joke based on the fact Orp, sort of, screams.

Thanks Alex!

090215 Alex Hwang a splash of TechMAH Captur 1MAHSide view with sound comparoMAH capture3

Orp dating a princess in Thailand?

Our friends at Gadget Bike in Thailand sent us an awesome Orp sighting with the Princess of Thailand. That’s right, Princess Bajrakitiyabha affectionately known as Princess Pa or Princess Patty (for us mono-linguistic Americans) is riding her Canondale with an Orp at the giant Bike For Mom event. We don’t know if they’re dating  or the pair is going by “OrpPa” or really anything – she might even be married in which case I’m sure the two are just friends.  No matter what the real story is, over 146,000 riders across Thailand participated. Below are a couple of photos.
Also, all of us at Orp were saddened to hear about the bombing in Bangkok and our best wishes go out to anyone affected by this tragedy.
Thanks to Art at Gadget Bike for the images!


Orp is in MoMA!

The Museum of Modern Art in NYC,  better known as MoMA , has selected  Orp for inclusion in its store. This is an incredible honor and Orp will do its best to not be too obnoxious while in the store.  That said, if you are visiting MoMA , please make sure to to  try one out in the store. Let that Calder Mobile or Eames Lounge know who’s boss.

MDS_FACEBOOKRed Orp cropped

If you  do go to MoMA, you’ll only be able to find Red and Black Orps – like their signature colors.

Orp Attends 20th Annual Bridge Pedal

Yesterday, Orp attended the the 20th annual Portland Bridge Pedal. This events closes down the 11 bridges that cross the Willamette River to cars here in Portland and opens them to only cyclists and walkers. The event draws around 30,000 participants. The weather was perfect in the high 70’s-low 80s. This year, the highlight besides Orp, was Portland’s newest bridge, the Tillicum Crossing (yeah the name blows- one of  of our former colleagues had offered Willam-A-Span  which was much better).

We  had  a gazillion new Orp adoptions. Ok, not really a gazillion, but a whole lot of new Orps went out to riders. Below are some images of the new some of the real event’s Orps , riders and the new bridge. Thanks to  Portland , the sponsors and everyone who attended( did that sound corporate enough?}.

IMG_2465IMG_2455 IMG_2457 IMG_2460