Bicycle Safety Gear

Dependable Bicycle Safety Gear

When you hop on your bike, you want to know you can ride safely. Whether you’re headed out onto a scenic trail or into the urban jungle, having the right bicycle safety gear makes all the difference when you need it most. At ORP, we provide riders with confidence in the form of our unique products.

Our bicycle accessory is designed with maximum value with reliability and safety. It fits easily onto almost any set of wheels. It’s a battery-powered combination of a classic horn and high-brightness LEDs that cut through the darkness, fog, and inclement weather. For everyday rides, you get added safety from being easily seen and heard by other people. Having a bike horn with safety features like ours also protects you in unexpected situations.

Essential Equipment

A safety bike horn is an essential piece of equipment, no matter what terrain you’re tackling. From the wilds of mountain bike trails to the city streets, a bike horn that alerts traffic of your presence is crucial to protecting you and everyone else. Bicycles are virtually silent modes of transportation, so adding a safety bike horn provides peace of mind. There is no better way to let people know that you wish to pass than with a polite request for them to move over. Bicycles can travel at such a high speed that you can easily startle someone walking along a trail or preparing to cross a street. Your safety bike horn gives them a warning that you’re there so they can move over or stop.

Enjoy the scenery of your mountain trails or your commute to work in confidence, knowing you have a way to alert pedestrians or other cyclists to your presence. It’s considered poor bike etiquette not to warn others you wish to pass, so a safety bike horn is a must. Even when you think you might not encounter anyone on your travels, it’s still a good idea to add a horn to your bike.

Portable Peace of Mind

With effortless battery power and high adaptability, our products can go with you anywhere you ride. In addition to practical use on the road, the LED bicycle light doubles as a highly visible signal if you ever find yourself lost, hurt, or in danger. It’s bright, distinct, and easy to operate without the need for extra resources. For safety, while riding, one small device can be the perfect lifeline. Learn more about our innovative accessories by reaching out to us today.