Orp gets a shout out in 7 Day Cyclist’s review of another product!

 Seven Day Cyclist gave Orp an awesome review a few months ago and then gave Orp another boost in its  latest review of the Timber Mountain Bike Bell.

Here’s what they said:

Big thanks to Michael at Seven Day!

Orp Blows Gadgethead’s Mind

Littlegate Publishing’s Gadgethead magazine included Orp in their latest issue. Pretty comprehensive, super positive  review providing a great explanation of what Orp does.  Thew writer even went out of their way to praise the handiness (pun intended) of the REMORP and the Anti-Dooring mode. They gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

They didn’t like Orp’s pictogram instructions – crazy, what’s not to like?!

Read the whole article/ review hear, I mean, here.


Here’s the latest cover:


Road.CC Posts Orp Again!

Road CC out of the U.K., posted their Orp review once again. The review is comprehensive, super positive ad there are only a few errors in terms ofspecs..

Here are some  excerpts:

“The unit itself is basically a blinkie in a blanket fed a course of steroids, though it occupies surprisingly little handlebar space. The outer silicone monocoque comprises a weatherproof housing and bar mount, and it’s available in eight funky colours.” Note : you know  this writer is from the UK as “colors” is spelled “colours”.

“Pressing the Wail Tail down unleashes the full 96db, which is piercing and vastly superior to other ‘compact’ battery-powered models. It’s proved audible enough to persuade three moped bandits to bring their front wheels back onto terra firma, deterred an absent minded learner motorcyclist from pulling out into my path, and potent enough to jolt distracted drivers along moderately trafficked suburban streets.”

Thanks You can read it hear, I mean, here:

Seven Day Cyclist Reviews Orp

Seven Days co founder Michael Stenning gives Orp a super great review after  a grueling 6 weeks.  Rather than bore you with all the details here’s his conclusion:

The Orp Smart Horn is a really clever concept, exceptionally well executed. It does both of its jobs very competently and represents excellent value for money. It could be all the front light light some sub/urban riders need. The horn’s function is also superior to any other electronic system I’ve used in the past and the tones appropriate for most contexts, too.


You can read more in  our news section here,


BIT REBELS Picks Orp For Safety

BIT REBELS, an online  magazine that covers the world of  technology , entertainment and design, yeah , another TED, picked Orp as one of the top 3  tech products making cycling safer.

BR goes on to describe all of what Orp does, in a  a concise article. Interestingly, this site  gets over 4200  unique views pre day. So, thanks Bit Rebels!


The Evening Standard Picks Orp Again!

“London calling, Hello Orp we think you’re Ace and would like to feature you in our latest  Smart Bike Bell  story in the Standard. We quite like the squidgey skin and the bleeding loud sounds you make. Certainly keeps the whole ride to work from going pear shaped. Fancy sending us a sample and some pics by the  7th? Thanks and Bob’s your uncle.”

That was the voicemail we heard a couple of weeks ago about Orp being in the ES.  Posted today.


Dad Guy Picks Orps for Kids, Too

The website The, picks Orp as one of it recommended  bike accessories  for summer.

Dadguy mentions he has an Orp for himself and that his daughter loves Orp, too. He does wisely caution that Orps should only be given to  riders who are responsible enough not to blast the horn  randomly as it is loud.

Orp Selected By Under Armour’s Fitness Blog

Orp was selected as a way to stay safe on your bike by Under Armour’s Map My Run blog.

Yeah, it’s one of those Thanks to Technology lists  but it doesn’t really mention the core technology

in each of the products featured, but we’ll take it.   Thanks Under Armour and Marc Lindsay

map my run 2

map my run 4

Map my run 3

Orp Gets Totaled!

Orp gets a great shout-out on the Total website out of the UK. The article list the best bells on the market and  says Orp is the  most unique

considering it includes a light,  has two  functional sounds,  and it works in all weather. This website caters to   women cyclists and is pretty slick.

Here’s the link:https:





Orp Makes DC RAINMAKER’s under $80 Gift Guide

Hey, an Orp buyer let us know about this gift guide where Orp is recommended from triathlete DC RAINMAKER. This was published on Bike shows up at 3:34. Ray (the guy) doesn’t show all the functions or the REMORP, but he’s great guy and he was even an original Kickstarter backer. Thanks to Bike Portland and thank s Ray! Here’s the link:



Red Bull snorts about Orp

While on holiday for the season, we received an email from Maurizio Ridolfo, the editor of,

letting us know Orp got a great review in their  bike bell blow out. Here’s some of it:

 Se si preferisce l’elettronica alla meccanica c’è questo bel campanello-luce prodotto da Orp. Emette due suoni a seconda che lo si azioni spostando la leva in alto o in basso. I suoni sono di 76 o 96 decibel per essere sentiti da tutti. È impermeabile e si ricarica tramite USB, un oggetto al posto di due!

Oh yeah, it’s in Italian, but trust me, it’s  all good and they even say Orp is beautiful.




I was perusing the interwebs and came a cross this  2016 GQ gift guide and guess who made the list? That’s right, Orp did and we didn’t pay  them a cent for it. Pretty nice and maybe we should put an ad  in the next quarter as a Thank You.  Check this section and we’ll post the news when it happens.

In any,  a big thanks GQ!