I know many of you are struggling with the concept that Orp is a great companion to take Trick or Treating for safety, but feel something is missing if your Orp is not participating in the evening’s celebration by wearing a costume. The dilemma is who has time to make a small, detailed little outfit for your Orp? Sure, scalping a Barbie can make for a micro sized comb-over to turn your Orp into a mini Donald Trump, but who wants to be around that guy while gathering delicious candy? And why wreck a Barbie?
Well, now your troubles are over. Hear, I mean, here at Orp Industries we’ve solved this problem and its as easy as:
1. Blowing up the image below to the correct size. See dimension on SKELETORP. Orp Face is  35mm from top of lens support to bottom of lens support
2.Then copying it on a piece of self adhesive clear acetate
3. And finally, cutting it out and placing on your Orp’s face, err, lens
Soon enough you’ll be scaring the neighbors with your creepy costumed Orp.

Yes, your friends or familiar strangers will be able to tell a lot about you depending on which Monster Face you choose for your Orp, but don’t worry it’s Halloween, and Creepy is good!
Send pictures of your Halloweened out Orps to and we’ll post them at Also, If any of you dresses up as an Orp, send me that picture and Ill send you a free Remorp!
Note: Lumen and sound output may drop with these costumes, so don’t ride with these on!


UPDATE:If you are having trouble with the acetate you can always use printer paper and just cut out the eyes in the mask. Be careful with  any adhesive you use. Orp cannot be responsible if you wreck the lens – so don’t wreck it! See image below.