Orp News

Orp is in The Wall Street Journal!

Today an Aorta Red Orp was  showcased in the prestigious  OFF- DUTY section of the WSJ.
Orp was included in the article for Bike  Accessories and or Bike that have more car like features.
The story will run in  both the Saturday and Sunday editions.

As you all know, Orp is a combination Dual Decibel Bike Horn and Front Beacon Light.


Orp Is on the Today Show!

April 25, 2014

Orp was featured on NBC’s Today Show. They goofed up the price and the actuation, but it was still very cool!
Tamron Hall and Carson Daly participated in the segment and really had fun with Orp. I think  Orp peed itself.

Orp is distributed by Torcano Industries!

January 14th 2014
Today  we are super excited to announce Orp will be exclusively distributed by Torcano Industries.  Torcano is headed up by bike industry veteran, John Denson.    At Orp we could not be happier,  John and his team  are amazing!

John  loves Orp  because like his company’s namesake: the powerful combination of a Tornado and Volcano,  Orp is an industry disruptor.  “Torcano is excited about Orp  because not only will it help  make cycling safer,  but Orp is also a beautiful  smart design.”   

Torcano has very quickly gotten Orp into the best bike shops across the USA and is working on the international side as well.
 If you’re a dealer and want Orp in your shop or you’re looking for a highly curated  collection of Orp’s latest stories in the media, please visit torcanoindustries .com.  

 For customers  that want hear,  see and touch Orps in the flesh, visit Torcano’s Authorized Storp Locator to find a dealer near you!

Torcano is based in southern California, but that’s OK as the Orp founder is from there, too.

Orp is in Production!

Thanks for visiting the Orpland site.  As you  may know,  Orp started life as a successful Kickstarter project. A big thank you  goes out to all the backers and pre-orderers.   The big change now is Orps are rolling off the assembly line.
You can literally hear the Orps come to life at the factory as the  sounds are tested. It’s really  pretty fun.
We hope you’ll poke around  and check out Orp’s features  and hit the orange “VISIT THE STORP” button and order  your  Orp.   So, tell your bike riding  and commuting friends  to get an Orp! Thanks.