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At Orp, we offer our weatherproof bike horn, that features a number of smart features for a modern safety solution while you ride. Our bike horn is louder than a traditional bell, which means you are more likely to be heard by drivers when you need to get their attention. This is essential when riding through heavy traffic or crowded areas where your safety is even more at risk.

Safely Riding at Night

In addition to having a high volume, our loud bike horn also features dual LEDs to add a light to the front of your bike. Each of the LEDs provides 70 lumens of intensity, making them ultra-bright. They also feature five light modes to control how the light functions, from solid to strobing. So when you are looking for a bike horn with safety features that is loud enough to be heard in heavy traffic, then the Orp is the horn for you. Reach out to our team to learn more about our horn and see why it is essential for the safety of any bike rider.

Contact us for information on purchasing our bike horn for your bicycle. We proudly ship our products throughout the United States.