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REMORP is the newest in wearables for your bike. It’s Orp’s dual action, horn firing remote switch that can live anywhere on your bars so it’s always under thumb. No need to ever lift a hand. Press REMORP’s Bulbous Swelling for your Orp’s 76dB friendly sound and then press a little harder for the 96dB loud sound.  It’s super intuitive.

REMORP can live on your bike so you may want to get one for each of them. It’ll make your least ridden bike feel a little less jealous.  The REMORP features a flat cable perfect for a custom under tape installation and comes complete with  zip ties for a quicker and easier install.

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I just wanted to send a quick thank you for quickly and painlessly adjusting the delivery location of my Orp. This is actually my second orp (now I have one for each bike) and I love the remorp. It saves time in responding to hazards on the road and allows me to keep me hands where they need to be on the handlebars and by the brakes. So, keep up the great work. As a mechanical engineer I have to say I love everything about this product.

J.B., San Francisco, CA