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DC Rainmaker Picks Orp!

Orp is recommended  by triathlete and  pro Gear reviewer DC RAINMAKER for his 5 Awesome Sports Tech Products under $80 for the Holidays video. Orp shows up at 3:34. Ray (the guy) doesn’t show all the functions or the REMORP, but he’s great guy and he was even an original Kickstarter backer.  Thanks to Ray! Here’s the link:



Orp gets tapped for GQ’s Best Technology Gifts Again!

It’s unprecedented, but Orp got picked for GQ’s 2016 best technology gift guide  once again for the upcoming consumer frenzy, I mean, holidays. I heard that two GQ staffers were looking at an Orp and the one bearded guy said “I’d tap that”. His colleague looked at him, started laughing and then tapped Orp’s Wail Tail and fired the loud horn. Stupid and funny. In any case, thanks  GQ!




Orp Rides Road CC again!

Orp gets picked up in a compilation review of a bunch of front lights on the UK  cycling website Road CC.

It’s a really positive review especially in light that Orp is a horn first!



Here’s a nice response from the writer to a question in the comments section of the article on Orp:




Orp Gets On ABC’s World News Now!

Orp was featured in a segment called Bike Gear Must Haves for Fall on World News Now with Dick Debartolo and Kendis Gibson.We met Dick at Interbike and he said Orp would get World News Now and  sure enough, he did it. He showed both an Aorta Red Orp in its Package and a naked Snot Green Orp he demonstrated. Kendis wanted one to blast one of his colleagues. Dick didn’t exactly get Orp’s model name correct, he called it the “Orp Wail Tail” which is a part of Orp, but holy cow, this is great to be shown on  national network news.

Here’s the link to the spot:


Thanks to Dick, Kendis and ABC news for picking Orp!




Orp Gets on GIZ WIZ!

Dick Debartolo, writer for Mad Magazine and Host of Giz Wiz and  gadget editor for  ABC’s World News Now gives a great review of Orp.

We met Dick at Interbike and he spent a bunch of time with us, he even made a video of Orp. He’ s a great guy with boundless energy and he’s all over the internet.





We drove  975 miles in two days to get to this year’s Interbike. The show was good for us. We met a lot of great people and the only people that hated us were our direct  trade show booth neighbors.Unfortunately, our neighbors were all in the financial services business for  independent bike dealers. It wasn’t terrible if you dont mind Orp horn sounds going off every few seconds, but if you’re the banker type that is more accustomed to speaking in hushed tones, it’s not so great.

Below are some pics from the event. The first one is Interbike a day before the  show’s open. It was amazing it was all up in time.  The next one is  is a union trades person putting up an Orp banner. The last one is Jill with two Brazillian Distributors and their Orp wristbands. The wrist bands were given out as part of a raffle for the free Orp we gave away each day of the show.

unnamed1   jill-setting-up-booth


Loud Vegas

That’s right, Orp is off to Las Vegas for some high rollin’ debauchery and general carousing. It’ll be like the 40th time we’ve seen the Blue Man Group.

Kidding.  Orp is going to Vegas for the 2016 Interbike Trade show. We’re loading up the jalopy for a modern day Grapes Of Wrath  intrastate adventure.

It’s either Grapes of Wrath or the Beverly Hillbillies, either way- loaded to the gills,

If you’re in hollerin’ distance, come visit us at Booth #14141 at the Mandelay Bay Convention Center.

Our booth will be a big version of this:



It’s like Christmas Hear, I Mean, Here at Orpland!

Red and Green Orps are back! That’s right, Aorta Red and Snot Green, two of our most flavorite Orps, are ready to ride.

Hit the Orange  STORP button to bypass all the blather to get to these Orps. Limit of 10 per customer.

Red Orp croppedGreen Orp w Bkk lens cap

Orp Gets Recommended by Investment Guru

Harry Newton  is not just a guy who  helps people invest, he’s also a guy who helps people increase their quality of life. If you ask Harry whether you should  buy the cool condo (with the horrific HOA fees) or buy the fixer upper bungalow, he’ll look at you and ask if you have any home rebuilding skills.  If you don’t have the skills and you’re ugly he may even tell you the condo won’t help.  The guy is blunt and practical. He cuts through the clutter and gives you his opinion, which often times is spot on.

Harry lives in Manhattan, rides his bike and he uses an Orp. He told me he hates the Power Up and Down feature.

Here’s his review (I put Harry’s picture in below. Orp is the blue thing on the left):


You can check out Harry’s site and the actual review  here.

Thanks Harry.




Orp at Sunday Parkways

Orp attended the the Sunday Parkways event at SE Portland’s Ivon Park. Great weather and we heard the ride attracted over 20,00 riders. The city creates a 6 – 8 mile circuit through the neighborhoods between the local parks and closes the streets to cars during the event. It’s really a pleasant ride. We met a ton of great people and  many left with a new Orp! Thanks Portland!


Road Bike Action Dishes on Orp!

Yep, they served up a hot bowl of Red Orp with a side of plugged in REMORP to boot!  Man, who talks this way? Our Archivist thinks it’s like the third time Orp has been in RBA.  This time Orp was the top entry in their Friday 5 Review.  This is also a hint that Red is coming back soon.  We are honored and say “Thanks RBA! You guys are the best!” Here’s the  article. and the images:


Darn-it, that’s a pregnant Orp, err ,…Blobfish.. again. Here are the article pics:


080516 Road Bike Action