Be Seen and Heard with Our Front Beacon Light

Let’s face it, riding the roads can be a challenge at times. There are plenty of drivers who are not 100% committed to operating their vehicles responsibly. It’s a good thing that you want to experience the joys of cycling while also taking every advantage you can to make it safe. You can do that by completing our front beacon light, an addition to your bicycle safety gear.

It is being heard and seen is a powerful combination when it comes to getting noticed on your bike. When pedestrians, drivers, and other cyclists are aware of your presence, it makes for peaceful, stress-free, and safe interactions on the roads and paths. An adjustable bicycle horn provides the perfect balance, such as the Orp beacon light offers the ideal balance. It gently alerts pedestrians that you’re getting closer and provides a shrill warning for inattentive drivers who are about to invade your space. When you combine this with a brilliant flashing LED light, it’s a real attention grabber.

A battery-powered bicycle horn delivers the decibels you need to make everyone in your immediate area aware that you’re riding past. Thanks to a USB rechargeable battery in the product, you can ensure it’s fully powered up by hooking it to your computer at work for the commute home. It also means that you save money and the environment by not having to buy extra batteries that can’t be disposed of safely.
Get your beacon light and horn today and ride with renewed confidence.