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Crack open the champagne! Today we received the news  that  Orp  received its Utility patent. It’s 31

pages of IP goodness that covers a ton of ground. Here’s a page to prove it:


Oops , sorry that’s a blobfish. Here’s a page of Orp’s patent:

Patent Page with Image

As soon as we run out of existing boxes we’ll update  the packaging

with our shiny new U.S. patent number.



This time BIKE RADAR has included Orp in its 11spd feature that covers new gear in the bike world. This appears to be a teaser as they plan to give Orp a thorough test. I’m pretty sure they liked Orp the first and second times so we remain  hopeful and appreciate the coverage.

Not sure about the contemplative Orp image they took. It looks like this Orp did something bad and was given a time out to think about what it did. It probably blasted at the queen’s giant new Bentley Bentayga  and probably for good reason, That thing is humongous and how good of a driver can the queen be? She’s like 90 years old. In any case, here’s the article. Thanks Bike Radar!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.03.09 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.00.37 PM

Heres a Bentayga similar to the queen’s:

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 1.41.38 AM


Singlebike Cycling Blog goes Monogamous For Orp

SINGLE BIKE, a bike blog for for the unattached Swingles out of the UK gives Orp a thorough thrashing and a big thumbs up!

Heres a little bit of what was written:.

..A gentle push gives a not unpleasant 70db bird like chirrup while pressing and holding gives 96db of what Lloyd in “Dumb and Dumber”€ would call “the most annoying sound in the world!”€. Subtle, it aint! The lights themselves flash when the Horn is activated They got their hands on a more rare blue Orp and Ive got to say it looks pretty darn good.

And, here’s a nice endorsement of the REMORP:

I’ll be honest and initially wondered who would bother with a cable remote for a light on the bars but once I used it in traffic, I was totally sold on the idea. It may seem like no effort to flip the Horn but being able to do so with your hands firmly on the bars is a golden plated good thing in my book.

Last thing , I’m kidding about the “Swingles” and if you are single I dont think you can be called a swinger because by nature you just are,

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.10.56 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 7.10.42 PM

Italy’s It’s Magazine says Orp is Fantastico!

Ok, my Italian is not  super great but I’m pretty sure they like Orp in this story about 12 of the best  high tech fitness products.

Here’s the link:  Belissimo

IT's Magazine Italy mast head

Its  Magazine Italy Orp story

Bicycling Australia Calls Orp a “Rubbery Nugget”

Man, I wish we’d  said that first, but in any case, this very cool  print magazine for the serious road cyclist  covers Orp  in its latest May/June Issue. The article goes on to describe all of Orp’ s sonic and lumenary features as well as its physical specs.  Thanks to  BA for the coverage. See the article below:

042116 BA magazine article alone

r BCA-MJ-Cover

Bicycle Times Covers Orp In Print

Bicycle Times gives Orp a second bite of the apple with a review in it’s April Tech Issue.

It’s all super positive and it’s in newsstands now. Thanks Bicycle Times.






This is big, even giant news. Orps are now available to Australia. We just  received the news we can send Orps down under.

It’s a long drawn out tale, but the moral of the story is rather than worry and self mutilate, confront those big  questions head on and go to the source.

This is really a teachable moment – for me.

We’ll include Orpstaches free with any Orp purchase if you mention that  you noticed Ausralia is Orp shaped in the pic below.






Finally, Orp Shows Up On The MoMA Site

Ok, this may not be a big deal to anyone other than me, but  Orps have been sold at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Storp, I mean Store in NYC store for quite a while but never on their website. Now, finally Orp is there!

Of course, we offer a better deal as we include the REMORP, but if you want that  coveted MoMA return address label, now you can get it online. Of course, when you’re in town (NYC) you can get a cool MoMA bag with your Orp as well. There’s probably a  perfumey grandma you can bump into at the the museum, too. Sorry perfumey grandmas!

Heres the pic:

Moma orp page


Bicycle Times Wails On About Orp

Bicycle Times Editor in Chief, Adam Newman,   gives a great review of Orp in Bicycle Times today. Adam gives a exacting description of what Orp does. You can read it hear, I mean, here.

Or, if you’ve got that eagle eye, 20/10 vision you can read some of it below.

Big thanks to Adam and Bicycle Times- great magazine BTW!

021116 Bicycle Times


Singletrack Loves Orp

SingletrackWorld.com and  Singeltrack Magazine give Orp an awesome review in their latest issue.  After a grueling 2 month test in some of the crappiest weather  in the world, that is, in the UK which is not unlike the gray slop we also get hear, I mean, here in Portland, Singletrack rider/writer, Sanny, said Orp was great. They really hit all the points of goodness that we here at Orp Industries try to stress.

Here are a few excerpts:

“…the 70db [76dB] sound does a pretty effective job of alerting other trail and road users to your presence while the “gnnnnrnrrrrhhhhh!” of the 96db sound is more than a match for headphones and on busy city streets when commuting. Combined with the flashing lights, I found the Horn to be particularly effective at dawn and dusk.”

“As for the light itself, running off a rechargeable LI-ion battery, I found it to be bright enough to get me home in the event of my main lights running out of juice. It’s not the brightest light on the market but as a commuter light, I reckon it is plenty bright enough and that it does indeed last the full three hours on constant as promised by the manufacturer.”

And , here’s what he said about th REMORP,

“I’ll be honest and initially wondered who would bother with a cable remote for a light on the bars but once I used it in traffic, I was totally sold on the idea. It may seem like no effort to flip the Horn but being able to do so with your hands firmly on the bars is a golden plated good thing in my book.”

Here’s the author’s sum-up:

“A brilliantly designed and manufactured product that works extremely well. Despite my initial misgivings, it has won me over and to be frank, I’m refusing to give it back!”

To  read the actual article you may need to sign in here:


singletrack 2016


012616 Single Track World image

Road CC Rides Orp Again!

This is the second time this awesome  Magazine/Blog  out of the UK has covered Orp. The first time was during our Kickstarter campaign – literally in the middle of the product birth canal. I’m just glad they gave Orp a wipe-up before taking pictures.

Road CC Writer/Rider, Shaun Audane,  spills his thoughts about Orp in this article. It’s really positive, but honestly, I think he misses the point when he compares microsized, light including and  repeatable sounding Orp with an air horn. He also got the horn  actuation backwards.  Move Orp’s WailTail up for the friendly 76dB  sound and down for Orp’s loud 96dB sound. This is super intuitive. Press down when it’s urgent!

Here’s an excerpt:

The horn

The horn is sounded by prodding the ‘Wail Tail’ lip with your thumb. Down is the more friendly 76db – useful for warning pedestrians, runners and other riders on the trail or shared use paths.


Diodes flash simultaneously for additional presence and the pitch strikes just the right note – perfect for snatching people away from their smartphones yet low enough not to drive Herpes the bull terrier into a psychotic barking frenzy.

> Check out our cycling gadgets Christmas gift guide here

Pressing the Wail Tail up unleashes the full 96db, which is piercing and vastly superior to other ‘compact’ battery-powered models. It’s proved audible enough to persuade three moped bandits to bring their front wheels back onto terra firma, deterred an absent minded learner motorcyclist from pulling out into my path, and potent enough to jolt distracted drivers along moderately trafficked suburban streets.


GQ Names Orp As One Of The Coolest Things In The World!

All we can say is “wow”.  There is some seriously cool stuff in this article that Orp gets to rub shoulders with.

Apparently this list doubles as a Christmas gift guide. In honor of this recognition, here’s a promo code to get 15% off  anything in in the STORP:


Here’s the link: http://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/entertainment/articles/2015-11/26/christmas-gift-guide-men-coolest-things-in-the-world

Thanks GQ!