Safety Cone Orange Orp Sticker

$2 + VAT for UK

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The Orange Orp sticker is a 2D sticky version of a Safety Cone Orange Orp and  one of the original classic Orp stickers.  This illustration is what the actual Orp product is based on, so, it’s kind of like Orp’s mom or dad. We are excited to make this  sticker available for collectors and Orp aficionados.  Kids love them and if  somebody is bugging you for an iPhone 11 or a Tesla Model 3 maybe you can appease them, at least for a little while,  with this great sticker.

We commissioned these high quality silk screened and die cut vinyl Orp Stickers  from Sticker Robot in  nearby San Francisco, California. Send us a picture of this sticker on a police car or other official city vehicle and we’ll send you another to decorate some other publicly owned object or space*.


*This is probably illegal so do this at your own risk.

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…It really safed my life many times because Mexico City is not for us (BIKERS).  …I’m thankful for creating this device.


M.R., Mexico City, Mexico