Shopping Guide in NYC Recommends Orp!

Former NY Times reporter,  Serena Solomon,  gushes about Orp in this influential shopping guide for NY State’s toniest neighborhoods. That’s right, I’m talking about Washington Heights and Inwood.

Orp is one of seven cycling accessories to be  highlighted in this  revealing article. Serena gets a quote from  one of the fine Orp purveyors in the area, Fulton Bikes.

Salesman Carl Roberts says, ““It’s smart because police are cracking down on [cyclists] not having a horn and a light.”

Well said Carl , well said.

DNA INFO NY masthead

032316 DNA INFO NY


Orp gets a great story on this blog site. Orp is included  with  4 other bike products in this 5 Cool New Tech Products Making Bicycling Safer article. The only curious thing is they chose our Happy Father’s Day picture that shows a father Orp (normal size) and a child Orp (smaller) as their hero shot.

We’re OK with this  as long as people don’t expect to get a baby  or giant Orp from us . There is only one size Orp.

Here’s the story:

hswN 5 cool New H line


How stuff works Now


Orp Scores in the Telegraph

Holy cow! Can you tell we’re blushing? Orp just got cited for  being in another top 10 list. This time its for  The Telegraph’s 10  best most innovative bike lights for 2016. That media wall is going to need another story.

Seriously, it’s a great honor and  Orp would never gloat like  the first two sentences.

Here’s a bit of what was written:

The epitomy of small but mighty, the Orp comes in a selection of bright colours and will ensure you are both seen and heard.

Thanks to The Telegraph for the story!

021216 The telegraph


The Version Blows Orp’s Horn

The Version is this  uber cool online lifestyle magazine out of the UK that features all sorts of cool objects and discussion on  important aspects of our culture (like what’s the right table radio and what is the proper threadcount for a quality top sheet- of course, I’m kidding… they’re deeper than that)) .    It is a cool site and kind of a catalog of some of the objects that might be found in 007’s flat and where you might best take that complicated British Airways flight attendant with a PhD  for breakfast after that late night in London . The Version is living the boom of UK cycling and they see Orp as an essentially cool way to stay safer on on the streets. You can see the article here. We say Thank You!


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.41.02 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.42.02 PM

Singletrack Magazine Loves Orp and  Singeltrack Magazine give Orp an awesome review in their latest issue.  After a grueling 2 month test in some of the crappiest weather  in the world, that is, in the UK which is not unlike the gray slop we also get hear, I mean, here in Portland, Singletrack rider/writer, Sanny, said Orp was great. They really hit all the points of goodness that we here at Orp Industries try to stress.

Here are a few excerpts:

“…the 70db [76dB] sound does a pretty effective job of alerting other trail and road users to your presence while the “gnnnnrnrrrrhhhhh!” of the 96db sound is more than a match for headphones and on busy city streets when commuting. Combined with the flashing lights, I found the Horn to be particularly effective at dawn and dusk.”

“As for the light itself, running off a rechargeable LI-ion battery, I found it to be bright enough to get me home in the event of my main lights running out of juice. It’s not the brightest light on the market but as a commuter light, I reckon it is plenty bright enough and that it does indeed last the full three hours on constant as promised by the manufacturer.”

And , here’s what he said about th REMORP,

“I’ll be honest and initially wondered who would bother with a cable remote for a light on the bars but once I used it in traffic, I was totally sold on the idea. It may seem like no effort to flip the Horn but being able to do so with your hands firmly on the bars is a golden plated good thing in my book.”

Here’s the author’s sum-up:

“A brilliantly designed and manufactured product that works extremely well. Despite my initial misgivings, it has won me over and to be frank, I’m refusing to give it back!”

To  read the actual article you may need to sign in here:

singletrack 2016


012616 Single Track World image

Orp Lands In BikeSoup Magazine

Orp received a review in Bike Soup magazine out of the UK.   We appreciate the attention but  have a few issues with what was written , especially since this author’s complaints have not been heard in the countless other reviews Orp has been in and they are inaccurate.

For example, all we’ve heard is the  REMORP is brilliant and easy to use.  This author says the dual stage switch distinctions between the two sounds are not apparent. I say “BOLLUCKS!”.  He says this after saying his hands were numb. Sorry, but this does not count. Great  bike but since  my bi lateral leg amputation I can’t really ride it.  Holy cow.

There’s some other stuff to complain about, but this is the worst: they also used a pic of a Wail Blue Orp without its remote cap!  Really  underwhelming presentation. Let me take a   picture of you for your Linked In profile or Tinder Acct. on the day you have the worst  Herpes  break out  you’ve ever had. All I’ve got to say is I’m looking elsewhere to spend my Orp’s substantial ad budget.




Bikmo+ Recommends Orp for Cyclists

Bikmo+ (Bikmo Plus), the cyclist run bicycle insurance company in the UK put Orp high on its  Christmas gift guide.

They included this pic of the more rare Wail Blue Orp.  We ,of course, wonder what the “plus” is all about.

Was the Old Bikmo not so great? Or, does Bikmo+ just say “thank you” and “please” more often?  That certainly deserves a “plus” in my book.

In any case, thanks Bikmo+!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 3.09.50 AM


Gadget Review Covers Orp

They used really ancient Orp pre-production images but they give Orp a big thumbs up so we say “THANK YOU “!

Here’s the headline:


121615Gadget Review

Road CC gives Orp A Ride!

Road CC Writer/Rider, Shaun Audane,  spills his thoughts about Orp in this article. It’s really positive, but honestly, I think he misses the point when he compares microsized, light including and  repeatable sounding Orp with an air horn. He also got the horn  actuation backwards.  Move Orp’s WailTail up for the friendly 76dB  sound and down for Orp’s loud 96dB sound. This is super intuitive. Press down when it’s urgent!

Here’s an excerpt:

The horn

The horn is sounded by prodding the ‘Wail Tail’ lip with your thumb. Down is the more friendly 76db – useful for warning pedestrians, runners and other riders on the trail or shared use paths.


Diodes flash simultaneously for additional presence and the pitch strikes just the right note – perfect for snatching people away from their smartphones yet low enough not to drive Herpes the bull terrier into a psychotic barking frenzy.

> Check out our cycling gadgets Christmas gift guide here

Pressing the Wail Tail up unleashes the full 96db, which is piercing and vastly superior to other ‘compact’ battery-powered models. It’s proved audible enough to persuade three moped bandits to bring their front wheels back onto terra firma, deterred an absent minded learner motorcyclist from pulling out into my path, and potent enough to jolt distracted drivers along moderately trafficked suburban streets.

121415 Road CC Orp Site Reviews Orp!

This website out of Thailand  provides a review of Orp, I’m hoping it’s  positive. My mastery of Thai is pretty low.

Heres the link:แตรรถจักรยานอัจฉริยะ/

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