Dad Guy Picks Orps for Kids, Too

The website The, picks Orp as one of it recommended  bike accessories  for summer.

Dadguy mentions he has an Orp for himself and that his daughter loves Orp, too. He does wisely caution that Orps should only be given to  riders who are responsible enough not to blast the horn  randomly as it is loud.

Orp Selected By Under Armour’s Fitness Blog

Orp was selected as a way to stay safe on your bike by Under Armour’s Map My Run blog.

Yeah, it’s one of those Thanks to Technology lists  but it doesn’t really mention the core technology

in each of the products featured, but we’ll take it.   Thanks Under Armour and Marc Lindsay

map my run 2

map my run 4

Map my run 3

Red Bull snorts about Orp

While on holiday for the season, we received an email from Maurizio Ridolfo, the editor of,

letting us know Orp got a great review in their  bike bell blow out. Here’s some of it:

 Se si preferisce l’elettronica alla meccanica c’è questo bel campanello-luce prodotto da Orp. Emette due suoni a seconda che lo si azioni spostando la leva in alto o in basso. I suoni sono di 76 o 96 decibel per essere sentiti da tutti. È impermeabile e si ricarica tramite USB, un oggetto al posto di due!

Oh yeah, it’s in Italian, but trust me, it’s  all good and they even say Orp is beautiful.




I was perusing the interwebs and came a cross this  2016 GQ gift guide and guess who made the list? That’s right, Orp did and we didn’t pay  them a cent for it. Pretty nice and maybe we should put an ad  in the next quarter as a Thank You.  Check this section and we’ll post the news when it happens.

In any,  a big thanks GQ!




BuzzFeed Picks Orp!

Orp makes the list of the top 15 things  every cyclist needs according to Buzz Feed.

It looks like BuzzFeed solicited readers and then printed the  submissions they liked best.

Thanks BuzzFeed!





Orp on ABC’s World News Now

Orp was featured in a segment called  Bike Gear Must Haves for Fall on World News Now with Dick Debartolo.  We met Dick at Interbike and he said Orp would get World News Now and  sure enough, he did it. He showed both an Aorta Red Orp in its Package and a naked Snot Green Orp. Dick  didn’t exactly get Orp’s model name correct, he called it the “Orp Wail Tail” which is a part of Orp, but holy cow, this is great to be shown on broadcast national news.

Here’s the link to the spot:


Thanks to Dick,  the ABC anchor and ABC news for picking Orp!




Orp gets Stuff’d

Stuff Magazine out of the UK  does a giant story on Orp. Ok, it’s really not so giant but Orp is in there. Here’s a smart phone pic of the page with a little blow up of the spot. Thanks to Jessica for sending this in.


Hear’s, I mean, Here’s the ETA on Orp

The Environmental Transport Alliance, or ETA, is a carbon-neutral provider of vehicle breakdown, bicycle and travel insurance for the environmentally concerned consumer. They are based in the U.K. They just (ok last week-we were at Interbike… sorry) put up a very positive post on Orp . They like that Orp combines light and sound and even though they did to mention it, they probably appreciate that Orp is rechargeable. It really is the Tesla of Bike horn Lights. They’re even running a contest to give away a free Orp to a lucky reader. Here’s the post.


Lastly the  commenters  on this story were especially positive and courteous, maybe because they wanted to win an Orp or maybe they’re just more civil.  I really like the one from Mr. George Baker, He says “Looks very jazzy. Pick me, pick me, pick me, please”.  Mr, Baker , if you contact us at Orpland, we’ll send you one!

In any case, here’s a sampling: