Hi Orp Team,

I’d just like to share my thanks for a great product. As a city centre commuter (in Dublin, Ireland) I spent AGES online looking for an effective, detachable bike horn. Eventually, I stumbled on the Orp and I have not been disappointed. I cycle to and from work and everywhere in-between and I have lost count of the times where the Orp has saved me or provided increased safety as I went through town. Its functionality where it flashes while honking means it gets drivers’ attentions but it is also particularly effective on pedestrians walking through traffic (we have a jaywalkng culture in Ireland!).

I also upgraded to get the Remorp (Orp Remote) and that is SO handy, especially as a city-centre commuter. You can warn drivers, pedestrians or fellow cyclists without your hands leaving the handlebars.

The OrpĀ is a great product and one which I would hugely recommend it. Be prepared for fellow cyclists to be jealous! I had to buy my Dad one for Fathers’ Day to placate him!