A State-of-the-Art Horn is Essential Bicycle Safety Gear

Adjustable bicycle horns can save your life. Placing the horn at the most convenient location for the rider is critical. If you can’t reach it quickly, you can’t let people know you are there. We will help you stay safe on the streets and trails with bicycle safety gear that protects you and everyone sharing the road.

Timely Alerts

Your horn may be a startling reminder to pedestrians, vehicles, and other cyclists that they need to be mindful of other travelers, but it is essential. We have all seen someone jump when they hear a bicycle horn, and although it can be alarming, riders should never hesitate to use it.

Visible & Audible

Your bicycle safety gear would not be complete without the Orp. This bicycle light with a bell combines two essential safety aspects into one product, making it a top choice among riders. Our dual-tone bike horn and beacon light is the flagship product that launched a company and prevented countless accidents.

Cycle Safely

Battery-powered bicycle horns are famous because they offer more safety features than standard products. Don’t get caught without a way to alert foot, bicycle, and vehicle traffic of your presence. Call to place your order, and we will help you cycle through life safely.