Road CC Rides Orp Again!

This is the second time this awesome  Magazine/Blog  out of the UK has covered Orp. The first time was during our Kickstarter campaign – literally in the middle of the product birth canal. I’m just glad they gave Orp a wipe-up before taking pictures.

Road CC Writer/Rider, Shaun Audane,  spills his thoughts about Orp in this article. It’s really positive, but honestly, I think he misses the point when he compares microsized, light including and  repeatable sounding Orp with an air horn. He also got the horn  actuation backwards.  Move Orp’s WailTail up for the friendly 76dB  sound and down for Orp’s loud 96dB sound. This is super intuitive. Press down when it’s urgent!

Here’s an excerpt:

The horn

The horn is sounded by prodding the ‘Wail Tail’ lip with your thumb. Down is the more friendly 76db – useful for warning pedestrians, runners and other riders on the trail or shared use paths.


Diodes flash simultaneously for additional presence and the pitch strikes just the right note – perfect for snatching people away from their smartphones yet low enough not to drive Herpes the bull terrier into a psychotic barking frenzy.

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Pressing the Wail Tail up unleashes the full 96db, which is piercing and vastly superior to other ‘compact’ battery-powered models. It’s proved audible enough to persuade three moped bandits to bring their front wheels back onto terra firma, deterred an absent minded learner motorcyclist from pulling out into my path, and potent enough to jolt distracted drivers along moderately trafficked suburban streets.