MTBR does a riding review of Orp!

Gregg Kato did a review of Orp during our Kickstarter campaign and he followed up
with a riding review of the production product.   Its an awesome review.
He shows our demo video and  and Orp’s directions and he uses it on a Mountain Bike
and likes it!

 We  know Orp is good for  for MTBers as you need to alert other riders  and runners
 on shared trails that you’re coming around that turn.

My only complaints,  and this is only because I’m a complainer, are:
1. He calls Orp a light with a horn . We  say Orp is a Horn with a light.
2. Orp is a beacon light- (it says so right on the box), a “to be seen light” yet he’s  sort  of comparing  Orp to a ” light the way” light.

 Gregg clearly knows its a beacon as he says so several times in the article. Like I said I like to complain.
Overall great  review,  t hanks Gregg!

 Heres the link: Orp


100914 MTBR orp-on-trail