Hear’s, I mean, Here’s the ETA on Orp

The Environmental Transport Alliance, or ETA, is a carbon-neutral provider of vehicle breakdown, bicycle and travel insurance for the environmentally concerned consumer. They are based in the U.K. They just (ok last week-we were at Interbike… sorry) put up a very positive post on Orp . They like that Orp combines light and sound and even though they did to mention it, they probably appreciate that Orp is rechargeable. It really is the Tesla of Bike horn Lights. They’re even running a contest to give away a free Orp to a lucky reader. Here’s the post.


Lastly the  commenters  on this story were especially positive and courteous, maybe because they wanted to win an Orp or maybe they’re just more civil.  I really like the one from Mr. George Baker, He says “Looks very jazzy. Pick me, pick me, pick me, please”.  Mr, Baker , if you contact us at Orpland, we’ll send you one!

In any case, here’s a sampling: