We drove  975 miles in two days to get to this year’s Interbike. The show was good for us. We met a lot of great people and the only people that hated us were our direct  trade show booth neighbors.Unfortunately, our neighbors were all in the financial services business for  independent bike dealers. It wasn’t terrible if you dont mind Orp horn sounds going off every few seconds, but if you’re the banker type that is more accustomed to speaking in hushed tones, it’s not so great.

Below are some pics from the event. The first one is Interbike a day before the  show’s open. It was amazing it was all up in time.  The next one is  is a union trades person putting up an Orp banner. The last one is Jill with two Brazillian Distributors and their Orp wristbands. The wrist bands were given out as part of a raffle for the free Orp we gave away each day of the show.

unnamed1   jill-setting-up-booth