Selects Orp for Its Top 10

Not sure how we missed this as this site is a Mountain Dew Venture and our team loves Mountain Dew (who doesn’t). Even one of our team was hospitalized after over Dewing it. Not  really from the Dew, but just the confidence and energy you derive from the Dew. It makes you think you can do anything,  like  bunny hop  onto  the hood of a new Chevy Colorado.  I know, bad idea … why would you want to wreck a nice new truck’s hood? He’s OK, it was just a bad sprain.  Anyway, Orp made the number one spot of this  10 OF THE BEST HIGH TECH BIKE ACCESSORIES for this site. Heres the post (yeah it was early ’15, but I said that at the beginning).

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 10.14.38 AM

Here’s a Chevy Colorado ZR2. Yeah, you’ll need an Orp when around this guy.