Dual Decibel Bike Horn

Have you tried our dual-decibel bike horn? Have a story to share? Drop us a line and let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

I commute to work in Ottawa, Canada 365 days a year. I also ride and train outside all year long (in the winter on a fat bike). My Smarthorn has gone everywhere with me, and has always functioned perfectly, regardless of the weather/temperature. The climate here means that it is exposed to a lot of cold, cold days.

Thanks for making a great product.

Graham P., Ottawa, Canada

I feel a lot safer commuting in Toronto with the Orp everyday. Thank you again for the piece, the remote and the customer service.

Cheers, Alex

Alex K., Toronto, Canada

(REMORP)…Great addition to the Orp. …I love the entire system,

Richie T., NewYork City, NY

As a daily bicycle commuter I can’t say enough about my Orp. On several occasions the Orp has given me the ability to “effectively communicate” with the many distracted drivers that I encounter on my route. I love my Orp! If you are a bicycle commuter ,the Orp (and Remorp) are essential accessories. I love my Orp amd Remorp! Keep up the great work!!

Chris J., Carmichael , CA

Just on my way to work today I had to use the ORP 3 times.

First I start out with the “nicer” wail and when people do not care they get the “not so nice” wail – ….

Today I actually avoided an accident thanks to the ORP.

Another biker did not yield, boy he was so shocked by the sound of the ORP that he totally stopped and got off his bike and just looked at me LOL

Thanks so much for the ORP!



Robin O., Malmo Sweden

Today a guy almost right hooked me, Thank god I had my Orp as I fired the loud horn and the guy stopped, Thanks Orp!

Oren K, Brooklyn, NY