Dual Decibel Bike Horn

Have you tried our dual-decibel bike horn? Have a story to share? Drop us a line and let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!


J.R., Mexico City, Mexico

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for quickly and painlessly adjusting the delivery location of my Orp. This is actually my second orp (now I have one for each bike) and I love the remorp. It saves time in responding to hazards on the road and allows me to keep me hands where they need to be on the handlebars and by the brakes. So, keep up the great work. As a mechanical engineer I have to say I love everything about this product.

J.B., San Francisco, CA

…It really safed my life many times because Mexico City is not for us (BIKERS).  …I’m thankful for creating this device.


M.R., Mexico City, Mexico

This is a well-designed, easy-to-use, and extremely effective combination bike light and horn. It is apparent that a lot of thought has been put into the design of the Orp. I live in San Francisco and commute to work by bicycle. This horn/light is very useful on busy city streets (especially on Market St.). Thank you for a great piece of bicycle equipment!

B.S., San Francisco, CA

Have been using my Orp for one month now.  The strap has developed some give and now sits snug but is easy enough to open to switch to another bike.  One charge has lasted around 20 rides and only today has the low charge light started to flash.  In summary: Orp is brilliant!  A 10/10 product.

P.F., Pattington NSW, Australia

…I’ve got plenty of vision of motorists turning left across me where I’ve had to orp them. (You know your product has made it when 1) it gets turned into a verb, and 2) the capital letter gets demoted 😉 )

The Remorp has been just what I’m after, because it gives me time to warn AND brake in a critical situation; this is better than having to brake and then ‘warn’ once the situation has passed and I can take my hands off the bars, or to warn only when there’s enough time. These latter two situations aren’t a failing of the Orp, of course, because that is the same for any ‘bell’; but the Remorp is perfect for my kind of riding.

M.P., Canberra, Australia

I love my orp so much that i couldn’t imagine riding the streets of DC with out it. The remote trigger and the blinking lights are must have for city biking.

N.P., Washington D.C.

I ordered a smart horn from you before Christmas and as soon as the ice melted of the streets, I tried my smart horn and absolutely love it! Need to say it is golden while riding the streets of Malmö.

M.H., Malmo, Sweden

Thanks again your product is literally a life saver!

Nicholas M., Chicago, IL

Love My Orp. Did Great In A Rainy Ride and Saved My Ass Today. Thanks, ORP!

V.C., Anaheim, CA

There’s no device like ORP! There’s no device like ORP! I’ve used this product for over a year now and this thing is always on my bike. Rain or shine, night or day time and even in the snow, I wouldn’t ride my bike without it. It’s not just a safety issue but this thing looks damn good on my bike. It just blends it and paves the waves for my commute to and from work everyday. Thank you  for inventing this awesome device. Oh and I forgot one last very important detail, their customer service cares for your safety too!

J.M., Vancouver, CANADA