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Thanks again your product is literally a life saver!

Nicholas M., Chicago, IL

Love My Orp. Did Great In A Rainy Ride and Saved My Ass Today. Thanks, ORP!

V.C., Anaheim, CA

There’s no device like ORP! There’s no device like ORP! I’ve used this product for over a year now and this thing is always on my bike. Rain or shine, night or day time and even in the snow, I wouldn’t ride my bike without it. It’s not just a safety issue but this thing looks damn good on my bike. It just blends it and paves the waves for my commute to and from work everyday. Thank you  for inventing this awesome device. Oh and I forgot one last very important detail, their customer service cares for your safety too!

J.M., Vancouver, CANADA

…I really needed this here in NYC, first time using it tonight 3 times! Cars stopped. looked and waited!

Nubian D., NYC

I wanted to inform you that the Orp came in handy the other day when I almost got right hooked but slammed on the aggressive horn  and got out (of that situation) OK!

Juan V., Arlington, MA

A guy was creeping into the intersection at 29th and NE Glisan — Peter hit the remote and the guy hit the brakes!! THANK YOU – GREAT product – I feel safer with Peter having it.

Yay !!!!!!!


Jody P,, Portland, OR

Just today this stupid car that was cutting the group, honked at our club on the road, all the other people were ringing their bells,and guess what? The ORP was as loud as the car horn XD BBBAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM

MAH, Toronto, Canada

First off, I must tell you that I was riding thru a park on a trail last night with my single speed and two skate punks were in the way not looking at me. I used Orp and promptly scared the shite out of them and was able to safely pass by without any of us getting hurt. Love the product.

J. V., Portland, OR

I have been using my Snot Green Orp for the past three weeks and I have never enjoyed a new boy gizmo as much as this. I love using the horn on bike trails and roads. After 50 years of riding without a horn, I suddenly don’t know how I have gotten by without it. I beep at all the walkers with headphones who stroll down the center of bike baths. When they need an extra jolt, I hit the high decibel horn and that gets their attention every time. Now, I don’t have to worry about passing people, including bike riders, without warning them first. And, on top of all that, the light is perfect for early morning and grey days in Seattle. It’s the perfect combo. Thanks Orp for a brilliant product.

Sandy L., Mercer Island, WA, USA

I purchased my ORP back in May, and have had quite a bit of experience with my ORP. I will NOT ride without an ORP, as literally this product has saved my butt on more than one occasion! . Now when I use the ORP, it’s like they jump out of the way, and yes this is the friendly sound. ORP is LOUD!

rideorgohome, Somewhere, USA

Rode my bike yesterday to watch a marathon and cheer on a couple of friends (and a bunch of strangers)…and the Orp worked great. The flashing light was strong and so were the Friendly and Get-Off-My-Back Loud horns.

K. L., Portland, OR

Just received my Orp and I have to say I couldn’t be happier. Brilliant your team has done a great job, thanks all the way from the UK.

Laurie, D, London, United Kingdom

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