Dual Decibel Bike Horn

Have you tried our dual-decibel bike horn? Have a story to share? Drop us a line and let us know! We look forward to hearing from you!

I bought a black one and a REMORP for my wife’s bike. We just received it yesterday and it’s already saved her bacon this morning. She likes to ride early AM when it’s not quite yet daylight and wears full reflective gear plus flashing bike lights. Even with all that, a neighborhood lunatic started to pull out out in front of her this morning. She jammed the REMORP, sent the ORP into high gear, and the driver stopped. Whew! I guess the driver could hear, but could not see! THANKS ORP!

Les B, Trophy Club, TX

The Orp has straight up saved my life. After living in both San Francisco and Portland I found myself in New York City and not being able to yell at enough cabbies, Citi bikers, and just oblivious tourists in my daily ride. I did some research online and found a few different bike horns, but most were way too large for my constant on and off the bike lifestyle. I ended up going with the Orp. While nothing can get through to some oblivious New York City drivers, the Orp sure as shit has saved my life in many other situations. Whether it was scaring a “salmon rider” on a busy one way, or letting a mob of people know that I was not going to stop just because they were jaywalking, This Thing Really Works. I found the combination of strobe light and horn one of the most effective things for night time riding. I’ll keep my headlamp on so I can shine it in any direction, but the effectiveness of the audio and visual [elements] of the Orp is unmatched.

I found myself back in Portland and with a slightly damaged Orp after almost 2 years of heavy usage. I took it down Tory at their SE shop and he had me in and out with a good as new product in less than 5 minutes. Stoked to be supporting a rad local company that is a huge reason I survived the East Coast.

Thanks Tory and the team at FUSE for making such a rad product!

Ben M., SF, NYC + Portland, OR

Not sure how old it is. More than a year, and about 10 avoided accidents due to the horn! 🙂

Rich S., Tiburon, CA

Your product is amazing. I have been using both of my Orps on my bikes every time I ride. It will be coming up on one year of flawless satisfaction.



P.S. I routed my remote under my hood.

R.H, Santa Monica, CA

If you ride a bike, you need to have an Orp Smart Horn on your handlebar, plain and simple. This tiny device combines both a visual and audible alert that is so necessary to protect yourself from the usual obstacles of pedestrians in a polite manner to the unexpected inattentive driver in a more firm way. This ingenious invention has saved me more than once from potentially hazardous situations I’ve encountered in many miles of cycling. It is thoughtfully designed to protect you while you ride. Having used one for the past two years, I would feel uncomfortable not having my Smart Horn at the ready under my thumb!


Hi Orp Team,

I’d just like to share my thanks for a great product. As a city centre commuter (in Dublin, Ireland) I spent AGES online looking for an effective, detachable bike horn. Eventually, I stumbled on the Orp and I have not been disappointed. I cycle to and from work and everywhere in-between and I have lost count of the times where the Orp has saved me or provided increased safety as I went through town. Its functionality where it flashes while honking means it gets drivers’ attentions but it is also particularly effective on pedestrians walking through traffic (we have a jaywalkng culture in Ireland!).

I also upgraded to get the Remorp (Orp Remote) and that is SO handy, especially as a city-centre commuter. You can warn drivers, pedestrians or fellow cyclists without your hands leaving the handlebars.

The Orp is a great product and one which I would hugely recommend it. Be prepared for fellow cyclists to be jealous! I had to buy my Dad one for Fathers’ Day to placate him!

D.F., Dublin, Ireland

Don’t know why I waited so long! Makes my rides much more enjoyable. It always get’s peoples’ attention, even if they are wearing earbuds. The light alone is worth more than the price itself… but you get a very useful horn and remote, free!? You have nothing to lose.


B.R.- Avid cyclist and certified bike mechanic, Portland, OR

“I love Orp!  Yes, I really do since I bought one after STP 2015.  Since then I have used it on EVERY ride (240) in the last 14 months and 20,000 miles. It is great for road and even better for busy trails and I have promoted it to everyone I ride with.  I use it in all modes (horn only, lights flashing, steady light) depending on ride and it stays charged for a LONG time…”

R.S., Arlington, WA

Please let me say first that Orp is simply a great device for any biker. I live in Paris and Orp saved me from plenty of situations. Many thanks for this.

K.K., Paris, France

Just bought a Remorp from your site and I think it’s a really important addition. You turn the Orp light on at your leisure, but if someone starts to cut you off in traffic, you need to hit the horn quickly, which is hard to do with just the Orp if you’re also hitting the brakes. But the Remorp, as you know, solves the problem perfectly.

P.L., Seattle, WA

“I am a kickstarter backer and recommend your product every ride I go on and to my club Facebook page. I love your products, I ride almost exclusively at night and this has saved me more times then I can count….

A.H. , Riverside, Ca

I am  really proud of using your product, as it saved my life several times while riding my bike, mostly from drivers that does not pay attention to the road and jaywalkers that came out of nowhere while i’m [on a] high speed on my bike.



L.I.A., Toronto, Canada