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Don’t know why I waited so long! Makes my rides much more enjoyable. It always get’s peoples’ attention, even if they are wearing earbuds. The light alone is worth more than the price itself… but you get a very useful horn and remote, free!? You have nothing to lose.


B.R.- Avid cyclist and certified bike mechanic, Portland, OR

“I love Orp!  Yes, I really do since I bought one after STP 2015.  Since then I have used it on EVERY ride (240) in the last 14 months and 20,000 miles. It is great for road and even better for busy trails and I have promoted it to everyone I ride with.  I use it in all modes (horn only, lights flashing, steady light) depending on ride and it stays charged for a LONG time…”

R.S., Arlington, WA

Please let me say first that Orp is simply a great device for any biker. I live in Paris and Orp saved me from plenty of situations. Many thanks for this.

K.K., Paris, France

Just bought a Remorp from your site and I think it’s a really important addition. You turn the Orp light on at your leisure, but if someone starts to cut you off in traffic, you need to hit the horn quickly, which is hard to do with just the Orp if you’re also hitting the brakes. But the Remorp, as you know, solves the problem perfectly.

P.L., Seattle, WA

“I am a kickstarter backer and recommend your product every ride I go on and to my club Facebook page. I love your products, I ride almost exclusively at night and this has saved me more times then I can count….

A.H. , Riverside, Ca

I am  really proud of using your product, as it saved my life several times while riding my bike, mostly from drivers that does not pay attention to the road and jaywalkers that came out of nowhere while i’m [on a] high speed on my bike.



L.I.A., Toronto, Canada


J.R., Mexico City, Mexico

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for quickly and painlessly adjusting the delivery location of my Orp. This is actually my second orp (now I have one for each bike) and I love the remorp. It saves time in responding to hazards on the road and allows me to keep me hands where they need to be on the handlebars and by the brakes. So, keep up the great work. As a mechanical engineer I have to say I love everything about this product.

J.B., San Francisco, CA

…It really safed my life many times because Mexico City is not for us (BIKERS).  …I’m thankful for creating this device.


M.R., Mexico City, Mexico

This is a well-designed, easy-to-use, and extremely effective combination bike light and horn. It is apparent that a lot of thought has been put into the design of the Orp. I live in San Francisco and commute to work by bicycle. This horn/light is very useful on busy city streets (especially on Market St.). Thank you for a great piece of bicycle equipment!

B.S., San Francisco, CA

Have been using my Orp for one month now.  The strap has developed some give and now sits snug but is easy enough to open to switch to another bike.  One charge has lasted around 20 rides and only today has the low charge light started to flash.  In summary: Orp is brilliant!  A 10/10 product.

P.F., Pattington NSW, Australia

…I’ve got plenty of vision of motorists turning left across me where I’ve had to orp them. (You know your product has made it when 1) it gets turned into a verb, and 2) the capital letter gets demoted 😉 )

The Remorp has been just what I’m after, because it gives me time to warn AND brake in a critical situation; this is better than having to brake and then ‘warn’ once the situation has passed and I can take my hands off the bars, or to warn only when there’s enough time. These latter two situations aren’t a failing of the Orp, of course, because that is the same for any ‘bell’; but the Remorp is perfect for my kind of riding.

M.P., Canberra, Australia