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The Orpephant is not only Orp’s Spirit/Service Animal, it also symbolizes the chimera or 2-in- 1 species that Orp is all about.  The Orpephant is both a quick, agile, chirp filled bird and roaring,  unstoppable elephant just like Orp is both a horn and a light all in one body. Really Orp is just like all of us. Are we just one thing? Heck no! You may be an MMA fighter in your day job and a fantastic harmonica player in your time off ( yeah, those face and neck blows can wreck a show with your band). Or, a Psychologist for work and a semi pro trampolinist on the weekends.  We hear trampolining is coming back in so maybe you’ll be able  to quit the day job soon. Anyway, you get the idea.

To show the world  this dual dimension, we commissioned these High Quality silk screened and die cut vinyl Orp Stickers.  They’re made in  nearby San Francisco, California. Send us a picture of one of these on a city vehicle* or somewhere exotic and we’ll send you a free replacement.

*This is probably illegal so do this at your own risk.

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Don’t know why I waited so long! Makes my rides much more enjoyable. It always get’s peoples’ attention, even if they are wearing earbuds. The light alone is worth more than the price itself… but you get a very useful horn and remote, free!? You have nothing to lose.


B.R.- Avid cyclist and certified bike mechanic, Portland, OR