Cool Hunting

Orp  gets a great review  in Cool Hunting. This website covers  products and projects that they deem as  being nicely designed.

cool hunting logo


Orp gets a positive  nod in Gizmodo. Awesome!
121813 Gizmodo Orp  is a website by and for triathletes.  ST had  pre-production samples and gave Orp  a comprehensive look.
Really an excellent article  with lots of great graphics! Ok, so the art was all lifted from the Kickstarter campaign. but still, super great.

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Popular Mechanics Top 10 bike Add-Ons

Orp was included in this prestigious list of the top bike accessories  at the end of the 2013.
We were still in the Kickstarter campaign at this point.



Orp gets in the Grey Lady! That’s what old people call the New York Times.
Here’s the article.  Special thanks to Jonathan Lansey of Loud Bicycle as I think he helped get this story to happen.
The article covers all the innovation happening in  making cyclists more visible.


Core 77 Again!

Core 77 came back to cover Orp a few weeks later as were were close to ending the campaign successfully.
It is super nice of them to to give us high marks for showing  some of the design process; although, they did call Orzeck  a veteran designer- ouch.

John Biggs of Tech Crunch

Orp gets great coverage  on Tech Crunch. I think the author is confusing Middle Earth’s Orcs with Orps,
but regardless, we  appreciate the   positive story.


Paved Magazine

Orp made the product spotlight of Paved Magazine! Paved  is part of BIKE magazine now.
We don’t care , were just glad to be hear, I mean,  here.


Orp makes Wired magazine!


Core 77

Core 77 is a website  by and for mostly industrial designers but mow covers multiple aspects of design.
They covered Orp in this first article during the  Kickstarter campaign.


The Prudent Cyclist

“And I love Orp! I’ve been in a number of situations before when I wish I had something like it so I’m excited it could become a reality.”


I ring my bell all the time, but it’s not loud enough! I sometimes want a real horn, especially around cars. The Orp looks really promising and could help level the playing field out on the roads.