Cycling Plus of Sweden says Orp “Good”

Cycling Plus, a cycling site from Sweden on the interwebs gave a Orp a super positive review. Big thanks to Orp’s distributor MS Sports AB in Sweden. You can read it in Swedish here.

Cycling Plus Orp Brilliant  Headline2
Here’s the original Swedish version:
cycling Plus in swedish2


UL gives Orp a Shout!

Orp Central Command just got word that Underwriters Laboratory’s (UL)  Safe Bee Website gave Orp a big  recommendation in it’s  ” 5 Gadgets to Make Biking Safer” post. It’s not only a safe Bee its a smart Bee. Look at those glasses!

safe Bee logo

Outside Magazine Picks Orp for Winter!

That’ right, it’s the second time Outside has mentioned Orp in less than a year. This time Orp gets selected as part of their Perfect Cold Weather Commuting Kit. Orp is super honored and  and when asked about the notice, Orp made his friendly sound
and blushed (or his  low  Battery indicator  light came on). Thanks Outside!

You can see the article here.


120814 winter-biking-to-work_h

Orp Gets Tested by BikePortland.Org!

Editor and Publisher of Bike Portland, Jonathan Maus, had covered Orp during and just after Orp’s
Kickstarter campaign and now he gives  production Orps a real life  review.
The conclusion is Orp is awesome (OK, he didn’t like that Orps trigger wasn’t under thumb so he
mounted it oddly)  and Jonathan even credited Orp’s Loud sound with saving his bacon
on one of his rides.   Just a heads up, Orp’s remote, REMORP, is coming shortly so mounting an Orp ideally will
be  easy and the switch will always be under thumb!

You can read the whole article here


120514 Bike Portlland Tented

Orp Gets an Editor’s Choice Award in Road Bike Action!

In the just  hitting newsstands now January 2015 issue of RBA, Orp gets the nod
The  author  goes on to gush positively about Orp.

RBA 01 2015 cover010115 Award Paragraph

Orp Gets Reviewed on Thailand’s RevieWer#18

This 3 man team reviews all sorts of high tech (including things like the iPhone 6} 
and this week they did Orp. These guys are very fun.
Of course, my Thai comprehension is limited but it seems pretty positive.
If anyone wants to give me a translsation, email me at
Check it out here.

MTBR does a riding review of Orp!

Gregg Kato did a review of Orp during our Kickstarter campaign and he followed up
with a riding review of the production product.   Its an awesome review.
He shows our demo video and  and Orp’s directions and he uses it on a Mountain Bike
and likes it!

 We  know Orp is good for  for MTBers as you need to alert other riders  and runners
 on shared trails that you’re coming around that turn.

My only complaints,  and this is only because I’m a complainer, are:
1. He calls Orp a light with a horn . We  say Orp is a Horn with a light.
2. Orp is a beacon light- (it says so right on the box), a “to be seen light” yet he’s  sort  of comparing  Orp to a ” light the way” light.

 Gregg clearly knows its a beacon as he says so several times in the article. Like I said I like to complain.
Overall great  review,  t hanks Gregg!

 Heres the link: Orp


100914 MTBR orp-on-trail


Holy Cow! Orp got into the Wall Street Journal this  last weekend.
Short, sweet and to the Point. Thanks WSJ!
This issue is a two day edition running both Saturday and Sunday so you get
a double dose of Orp goodness.
We  provided the Orp photo and the WSJ team tilted it.  I wish we had thought of that.



London Evening Standard

Orp gets  in a story with 4 other bike bells { yeah I know, we’re a light as well}
 in this prestigious british journal. Clearly Orp is the  best of the  bunch (  …Ok I’m saying that).

Kent’s Bike Blog

Kent’s Bike Blog gives Orp a second review as he gave Orp a positive mention during  Orp’s Kicksatrter campaign and this time it was with real  life production Orps.
Kent’s  review also helped Orp get  on Amazon’s review radar as well. So far so good.
Thanks Kent! You can read the whole review here.
kents bike blogkbyr200

BIcycling Magazine JULY 2014

Wholly cow! I think this is the  second time Orp has gotten covered by  Bicycling.  This time they actually had a production Orp so it really means something.
We are super thankful.  Thanks Bicycling!  Orp gets showcased as a Gear Of The Day winner and gets a big thumbs up from  user/ writer Emily Furla.

Depending on your device you can click-on this image
and it will enlarge for easy reading,
072414 Bicycling Mag Review

Oregonian- The Second Time!

This is  the second  article that the Oregonian has run that includes Orp. The first one was during our Kickstarter campaign  and that was awesome.
A big thanks to DK Rowe of the Oregonian.

This one  is follow up article about some of the local Portland crowd funding projects.
Orp made the front page.  Thanks to the Kickstarter backers,  Orp did pretty well.


071314 Oregonian KS
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