BuzzFeed Picks Orp!

Orp makes the list of the top 15 things  every cyclist needs according to Buzz Feed.

It looks like BuzzFeed solicited readers and then printed the  submissions they liked best.

Thanks BuzzFeed!





Orp on ABC’s World News Now

Orp was featured in a segment called  Bike Gear Must Haves for Fall on World News Now with Dick Debartolo.  We met Dick at Interbike and he said Orp would get World News Now and  sure enough, he did it. He showed both an Aorta Red Orp in its Package and a naked Snot Green Orp. Dick  didn’t exactly get Orp’s model name correct, he called it the “Orp Wail Tail” which is a part of Orp, but holy cow, this is great to be shown on broadcast national news.

Here’s the link to the spot:


Thanks to Dick,  the ABC anchor and ABC news for picking Orp!




Orp gets Stuff’d

Stuff Magazine out of the UK  does a giant story on Orp. Ok, it’s really not so giant but Orp is in there. Here’s a smart phone pic of the page with a little blow up of the spot. Thanks to Jessica for sending this in.


Hear’s, I mean, Here’s the ETA on Orp

The Environmental Transport Alliance, or ETA, is a carbon-neutral provider of vehicle breakdown, bicycle and travel insurance for the environmentally concerned consumer. They are based in the U.K. They just (ok last week-we were at Interbike… sorry) put up a very positive post on Orp . They like that Orp combines light and sound and even though they did to mention it, they probably appreciate that Orp is rechargeable. It really is the Tesla of Bike horn Lights. They’re even running a contest to give away a free Orp to a lucky reader. Here’s the post.


Lastly the  commenters  on this story were especially positive and courteous, maybe because they wanted to win an Orp or maybe they’re just more civil.  I really like the one from Mr. George Baker, He says “Looks very jazzy. Pick me, pick me, pick me, please”.  Mr, Baker , if you contact us at Orpland, we’ll send you one!

In any case, here’s a sampling:



Orp’s Today Show Clip is Published Again

Many of you will remember Orp was on the Today Show a month after we released production units and now that segment is being released again on the interwebs. Orp fans will remember that the  Today show staff did not show all of Orp’s features accurately, but holy cow, Orp got on the Today Show! Thanks Today Show!

Here’s the  link to the video so you can relive that moment again and again.


Today show screen capture1

today show screen cap 2


This time BIKE RADAR ‘s UK division has included Orp in its 11spd feature that covers new gear in the bike world. This appears to be a teaser as they plan to give Orp a thorough test.

I’m pretty sure they liked Orp the first and second times so we remain  hopeful and appreciate the coverage. In any case, here’s the article. Thanks Bike Radar!

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.03.09 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 1.00.37 PM

The Sacto Bee recommends Orp!

The Sacramento Bee, one of the premiere news outlets in the USA, wrote a Saddle Up for Safety News Story to get their readers ready for the bike season. In the story, they mentioned the importance of a bell and recommended Orp! They also mentioned Orp’s loud sound  elicited a response from the indigenous wild turkeys along the American River in Sacto.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

042616 Sacto Bee story copy


Bicycling Australia calls Orp a “Rubbery Nugget”

This cool roadie magazine out of Sydney Australia covers Orp just as the Australian government has enacted new rules requiring cyclists to have audible alert devices (bells , Orps , etc.). The article covers  Orp’s major sonic and photonic features as well as its physical dimensions.

You can see it all below:



Shopping Guide in NYC Recommends Orp!

Former NY Times reporter,  Serena Solomon,  gushes about Orp in this influential shopping guide for NY State’s toniest neighborhoods. That’s right, I’m talking about Washington Heights and Inwood.

Orp is one of seven cycling accessories to be  highlighted in this  revealing article. Serena gets a quote from  one of the fine Orp purveyors in the area, Fulton Bikes.

Salesman Carl Roberts says, ““It’s smart because police are cracking down on [cyclists] not having a horn and a light.”

Well said Carl , well said.

DNA INFO NY masthead

032316 DNA INFO NY


Orp gets a great story on this blog site. Orp is included  with  4 other bike products in this 5 Cool New Tech Products Making Bicycling Safer article. The only curious thing is they chose our Happy Father’s Day picture that shows a father Orp (normal size) and a child Orp (smaller) as their hero shot.

We’re OK with this  as long as people don’t expect to get a baby  or giant Orp from us . There is only one size Orp.

Here’s the story:

hswN 5 cool New H line


How stuff works Now


Orp Scores in the Telegraph

Holy cow! Can you tell we’re blushing? Orp just got cited for  being in another top 10 list. This time its for  The Telegraph’s 10  best most innovative bike lights for 2016. That media wall is going to need another story.

Seriously, it’s a great honor and  Orp would never gloat like  the first two sentences.

Here’s a bit of what was written:

The epitomy of small but mighty, the Orp comes in a selection of bright colours and will ensure you are both seen and heard.

Thanks to The Telegraph for the story!

021216 The telegraph


The Version Blows Orp’s Horn

The Version is this  uber cool online lifestyle magazine out of the UK that features all sorts of cool objects and discussion on  important aspects of our culture (like what’s the right table radio and what is the proper threadcount for a quality top sheet- of course, I’m kidding… they’re deeper than that)) .    It is a cool site and kind of a catalog of some of the objects that might be found in 007’s flat and where you might best take that complicated British Airways flight attendant with a PhD  for breakfast after that late night in London . The Version is living the boom of UK cycling and they see Orp as an essentially cool way to stay safer on on the streets. You can see the article here. We say Thank You!


Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.41.02 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.42.02 PM