Seven Day Cyclist Rides Orp Hard

Seven Day Cyclist magazine  gives Orp a thorough  lashing, I mean,  review and Orp comes up looking and sounding good.  Michel Stenning , a co-founder of the site,  contacted us a couple of months ago to see if we’d give him an Orp for review. Of course, we said “yes”, but he’d need to wait until  we had more Orps in stock. Soon enough we sent a couple of Orps and Remorps out to the UK.  Getting the Orps to Michael proved difficult as the post ofice seemed to be teasing us regarding delivery.   The USPS reported it delivered while Michael had nothing.  After Michael and I both pestered the local Post,  the Orps finally appeared.. No question, Brexit has everyone on edge.

Michael  provides a thorough description and  a rigorous review of Orp.

See that intro above?  Holy cow, this guy is tough He told me he would  only report on Orp only after he rode with it for at least 6 weeks. Nervous, schmervous- we have netves of steel, though some of us had to change  pants often.

Here are a couple of excerpts:

“A good downward blast is enough to stop pedestrians from wandering into the road and absent minded drivers thought twice before flinging doors open. Yes, I am talking town centres and at rush hour too.”

“Nonetheless, a three second press brought a young woman taking selfies, while behind the wheel back into the moment. Her filthy look and palpable sense of entitlement prompted a second, more genteel flick of the 76db. Both tones are subtly different and distinguishable against the backdrop of competing noise pollution.”


The Orp Smart Horn is a really clever concept, exceptionally well executed. It does both of its jobs very competently and represents excellent value for money. It could be all the front light light some sub/urban riders need. The horn’s function is also superior to any other electronic system I’ve used in the past and the tones appropriate for most contexts, too.

Here’s the link to the article..