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With these new Orp T-shirts you can proclaim your Orpephant (Bird/Elephant mascot) love on the front and tell the world what we all really know on the back… We are all Service Animals (with or without online registration). Whether you’re a Service Animal to the ones you love (and hope they love you back), or you’re a Service Animal to your job or your clients. It’s not a bad thing – it’s a good thing. Working hard and being of service, that is: being needed, is ideal. Some would say even close to self actualization. The other good thing is when you wear this shirt, you will not be subject the disapproving stares other four legged Service Animals get when accompanying their companions when visiting a grocery store or restaurant.

This  model’s  wispy Blue color is reminiscent of an  early day at the beach right before that thin veil of cloud cover has burned off with high contrast Orange art. These T-shirts have no blatant advertising or ugly web address so they’re perfect for work or play. They are high quality, one hundred percent cotton and screened right here in Portland, Orpegon, I mean, Oregon. Nice, stretchy and available in Women’s sizes Small and Medium and Men’s Large and Xtra Large. Please provide the size you would like in the notation area of the check out.

There’s no device like ORP! There’s no device like ORP! I’ve used this product for over a year now and this thing is always on my bike. Rain or shine, night or day time and even in the snow, I wouldn’t ride my bike without it. It’s not just a safety issue but this thing looks damn good on my bike. It just blends it and paves the waves for my commute to and from work everyday. Thank you  for inventing this awesome device. Oh and I forgot one last very important detail, their customer service cares for your safety too!

J.M., Vancouver, CANADA