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Need a way to add facial hair to your best bike accessory friend? Ponder no more as ORPSTACHES are hear, I mean, here! ORPSTACHES are  super high quality die cut clear facial hair styles ready to disguise and or accessorize your Orp. Sure there may be a slight lumen loss but it will have little effect as  it’ll likely be your Orp being blinded by all the camera flashes and admiring stares  once your Orp is wearing one of these face fur coats. Each ORPSTACHE set comes with eight (8) unique styles. Best applied on a clean Orp face and be careful not to cover Orp’s eyes (LEDs) with some clever  Frida Kahlo eyebrow  variant as no one wants to ride blind.


I purchased my ORP back in May, and have had quite a bit of experience with my ORP. I will NOT ride without an ORP, as literally this product has saved my butt on more than one occasion! . Now when I use the ORP, it’s like they jump out of the way, and yes this is the friendly sound. ORP is LOUD!

rideorgohome, Somewhere, USA