Endangered Species Orp Bear Sticker (ESOBS)

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The Orp Bear Sticker is  a commemorative touchstone to the latest Orps having a new friendly sound and a new mode that strobes this new sound. We call this  new function Anti-Bear Mode and the big idea is when you’re on a trail, you can let the local fauna know you’re there, sort of, auto-magically. To be clear, all of us at Orp love Bears. We just  don’t want them eating cyclists.

To honor the bears we love that we are also trying to repel, we hired famous  NY artist Yorklin Gonzales to do a sticker.  Yorklin says “this sticker combines the ferocity of a ticked off,  cub protecting Grizzly Bear with the friendly, oh-so safety concerned Orp. I also want you to look at the LED circuit board detail I was able to replicate behind the Orp lens. Even I’m amazed that I could pull this off.”

Yorklin certainly has it right. Orp is like a protective mother Bear.  When actuated, Orp’s sole purpose is to let other cyclists, pedestrians and drivers know you’re there.

Like all Orp stickers, these are  high quality silk screened and die cut vinyl. They are made in nearby San Francisco, California. Send us a picture of one of these on a city or forestry vehicle* or somewhere exotic, and we’ll send you a free replacement sticker, though;  it will not be a limited edition Orp Bear Sticker.



*This is probably illegal so do this at your own risk.

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I use to be reluctant to ring people I was going to pass. Now it is rather fun to chirp at them. It appears to get their attention in a pleasant way. And to be able to escalate the sound is reassuring.

Mac G., Unknown, USA