Frostbyte White Orp

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This is the Frostbyte White Orp.  This is the science Orp and probably the smartest of all Orps.  It’s Orpucational, I mean, educational- this is the Orp that provides its owners and admirers the best hint of Orp’s intriguing anatomy while still having its skin on.   This Orp may not make you smart, but it sure looks smart on just about every color bike.

Orp is a combination dual tone, high decibel bike horn and front beacon light  all in a super small, USB rechargeable, weather resistant package. It’s designed to make you more visible by making you more hearable. This Orp features the new friendly sound,  the black lens cap and Anti Bear Mode.

Each Orp comes complete with the Orp Power Kit (a micro USB/USB cable) and  Orp’s Handle Bar Girth Enhancement Device (rubber shim) for thinner handle bars. And remember, every Orp is REMORP READY!
Includes Free Shipping in the USA for a limited time.

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Also, I did not expect a reply from the designer!  So let me say how pleased I am with your product.  In fact this morning I heard another cyclist using theirs behind me and we had a nice chat at the red light about how awesome Orps are.  The remote is just genius, and mine is cute as can be with its Tom Selleck ‘stache.

A.S., Brooklyn, NY