Road.CC Posts Orp Again!

Road CC out of the U.K., posted their Orp review once again. The review is comprehensive, super positive ad there are only a few errors in terms ofspecs..

Here are some  excerpts:

“The unit itself is basically a blinkie in a blanket fed a course of steroids, though it occupies surprisingly little handlebar space. The outer silicone monocoque comprises a weatherproof housing and bar mount, and it’s available in eight funky colours.” Note : you know  this writer is from the UK as “colors” is spelled “colours”.

“Pressing the Wail Tail down unleashes the full 96db, which is piercing and vastly superior to other ‘compact’ battery-powered models. It’s proved audible enough to persuade three moped bandits to bring their front wheels back onto terra firma, deterred an absent minded learner motorcyclist from pulling out into my path, and potent enough to jolt distracted drivers along moderately trafficked suburban streets.”

Thanks You can read it hear, I mean, here: