Orp Lands In BikeSoup Magazine

Orp received a review in Bike Soup magazine out of the UK.   We appreciate the attention but  have a few issues with what was written , especially since this author’s complaints have not been heard in the countless other reviews Orp has been in and they are inaccurate.

For example, all we’ve heard is the  REMORP is brilliant and easy to use.  This author says the dual stage switch distinctions between the two sounds are not apparent. I say “BOLLUCKS!”.  He says this after saying his hands were numb. Sorry, but this does not count. Great  bike but since  my bi lateral leg amputation I can’t really ride it.  Holy cow.

There’s some other stuff to complain about, but this is the worst: they also used a pic of a Wail Blue Orp without its remote cap!  Really  underwhelming presentation. Let me take a   picture of you for your Linked In profile or Tinder Acct. on the day you have the worst  Herpes  break out  you’ve ever had. All I’ve got to say is I’m looking elsewhere to spend my Orp’s substantial ad budget.