Cenlafca.org Site Reviews Orp!

This website out of Thailand  provides a review of Orp, I’m hoping it’s  positive. My mastery of Thai is pretty low.

Heres the link: http://cenlafca.org/orp-smart-horn-แตรรถจักรยานอัจฉริยะ/

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.54.44 PM

Orp in Wonderland

Orpland and Orp got picked out of the interwebs by Wonderland. Wonderland is a blog out of the Netherlands that picks out (curates – I hate that word) cool stuff  in Design, Innovation and Business  and packs it into one place. Thanks Wonderland!

Here’s the post:


Orp Considered a Dandy by GQ

Ever influencing proper behavior of it’s male reader population, GQ chose Orp as the proper alert device to have whilst riding one’s bike.  Certainly a gentleman can yell, but the risk of  overly mucussed saliva errantly spewing over ones  attire and spoiling it (especially in the morning phlegm hours) is too high.

Certainly GQ does not need to gush over Orp’s handsomeness as it is clearly apparent in the full page picture. I’m kidding about the full page part. Actually, they were much less “metrosexual” in their article – I added that too.


NBC’s KGW 8 Covers Orp after Tragic Bike Accidents

The local NBC affiliate, KGW Channel 8, here in Portland, Orpegon, I mean, Oregon did a story on Orp after a spate of bike vs. vehicle accidents. These  were really bad and our sympathies go out to the cyclists and their  families. You can see it hear, I mean, here.

0529 15 KGW news


Orp get in TIME!

Orp gets in Time magazine’s online issue in their “9 Bicycle Gadgets That Will Keep You Safe In Style” article. That’s right,  Orp was one of the 9 products!

You can see the article hear, I mean, here.


Turbo Bob Reviews the REMORP

Turbo Bob, the non stop cycling blogger out of southern California, gives the REMORP a callused thumbs up in this video review.  Bob, who already likes the Orp, highly recommends the REMORP. We couldn’t agree more. You can see  Bob’s review  here.
turbo Bob screen shot

Turbo Bob mast head

Orp ist in It started with a fight…

Orp just received a positive review in this German blog. It’s all in German but I translated it and it’s pretty nice. Thanks Daniel! You can read it (in German) here.

Header-neu It started with a fight

Cycling Plus of Sweden says Orp “Good”

Cycling Plus, a cycling site from Sweden on the interwebs gave a Orp a super positive review. Big thanks to Orp’s distributor MS Sports AB in Sweden. You can read it in Swedish here.

Cycling Plus Orp Brilliant  Headline2
Here’s the original Swedish version:
cycling Plus in swedish2


UL gives Orp a Shout!

Orp Central Command just got word that Underwriters Laboratory’s (UL)  Safe Bee Website gave Orp a big  recommendation in it’s  ” 5 Gadgets to Make Biking Safer” post. It’s not only a safe Bee its a smart Bee. Look at those glasses!

safe Bee logo

Outside Magazine Picks Orp for Winter!

That’ right, it’s the second time Outside has mentioned Orp in less than a year. This time Orp gets selected as part of their Perfect Cold Weather Commuting Kit. Orp is super honored and  and when asked about the notice, Orp made his friendly sound
and blushed (or his  low  Battery indicator  light came on). Thanks Outside!

You can see the article here.


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