Orp Gets Recommended by Investment Guru

Harry Newton  is not just a guy who  helps people invest, he’s also a guy who helps people increase their quality of life. If you ask Harry whether you should  buy the cool condo (with the horrific HOA fees) or buy the fixer upper bungalow, he’ll look at you and ask if you have any home rebuilding skills.  If you don’t have the skills and you’re ugly he may even tell you the condo won’t help.  The guy is blunt and practical. He cuts through the clutter and gives you his opinion, which often times is spot on.

Harry lives in Manhattan, rides his bike and he uses an Orp. He told me he hates the Power Up and Down feature.

Here’s his review (I put Harry’s picture in below. Orp is the blue thing on the left):


You can check out Harry’s site and the actual review  here.

Thanks Harry.