Orp dating a princess in Thailand?

Our friends at Gadget Bike in Thailand sent us an awesome Orp sighting with the Princess of Thailand. That’s right, Princess Bajrakitiyabha affectionately known as Princess Pa or Princess Patty (for us mono-linguistic Americans) is riding her Canondale with an Orp at the giant Bike For Mom event. We don’t know if they’re dating  or the pair is going by “OrpPa” or really anything – she might even be married in which case I’m sure the two are just friends.  No matter what the real story is, over 146,000 riders across Thailand participated. Below are a couple of photos.
Also, all of us at Orp were saddened to hear about the bombing in Bangkok and our best wishes go out to anyone affected by this tragedy.
Thanks to Art at Gadget Bike for the images!