Orp at STP 2015 / Rhabdo or better, Rhabdon’t

Orp showed up at the finish of the 200 mile Seattle to Portland ride to congratulate riders and provide Orps to the Orpless. Sure, many of you think this ride is all downhill, but as much as it makes perfect sense, I can assure this is not the case. This was a two day event with the hardest core riders doing the 200 miles in one day. Sure, there is an increased chance of Rhabdo*, but one day-ers received a more exclusive medal at the finish and a better shirt.

The event drew 10,000+ riders and  their support staff (families and friends) to take them back to Seattle where they live or  drag them home to Portland or wherever they came from. Seriously, like 30,000 people in a NE Portland Park. One of the highlights was one rider, or maybe it was just a guy in the park, had  a cockatoo that came over to perch on the Orp display bar. Amazingly, he did not poop on our table- nor did the bird.

STP logo071315 Orp booth STP 1 better071315  Orp and cockatoo on bar better071315 orp booth 2 better

*Ok, for those of you that want the scoop on Rhabdo- Rhabdo is short for Rhabdomyolysis and it’s the breakdown of muscle tissue that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents into the blood. These substances are harmful to the kidney (read: frying your kidneys) and will pour blood into your urine.It’s nature’s way of telling you,  you kind of over did it. Below is a bag of bloody urine. You’re welcome.