Hey, I can See your Cloaca!

We just received  a very interesting email from David Glunter from New York City.  David tells us he’s a soon to be 7th grader at the Anderson School. David is likely on the path to medical school and sent us a piece of one of his latest projects, this one on Comparative Anatomy. He wrote saying he was also a big fan of Orp and got his Dad one  for Father’s Day.  What a great kid- but how is he earning Orp money?

Anyway, he  made a clever observation in noting the similarity between a chicken (an Orpington , he points out) and the Orp  Smart Horn. Below is the image he sent me.

I just want to point out he grabbed an old Kickstarter image of Orp, I love chickens as well and I’m older so I liked chickens first. Pretty cool though, he put our logo on the page. Thanks David.